Merano: young, active, innovative

11 tips for an adventurous holiday in South Tyrol

Merano, as a city of cure, has been considered a place that offers only recreation and rest for people of advanced ages. But is this actually a true fact? We dare say it’s not! Merano is more vivid and creative than ever, it’s just a matter of finding the right places – we from Boutique & Design Hotel Imperial Art have gathered 11 different propositions that guarantee you a holiday that is everything but a boring trip to a tea party.

  1. You’re not in the mood for worn out panoramic routes? Then admire the Merano’s landscape from up above. Feel weightless in a plane guided by the secure hands of a pilot from Tandemclub Ifinger and then take a paraglide to let yourself literally fall into these pleasant surroundings.

  2. Olive trees, artichokes and palm trees – the Hofer-family at the biological farm Niedereben in Rablà (that’s just about 10 min from Merano) has brought Sicily to South Tyrol. Every Tuesday they offer a guided tour of their place together with a product tasting opportunity. Go, get convinced yourself of how well Speck and Olives fit together!

  3. Corny fridge magnets, yodelling toy bears and wall plates with panoramic views – we all know those always the same looking kind of souvenirs. There is a place with a completely different approach to the matter, the Haus Nr.13, a carefully renovated mix of atelier, shop and show room. Be it fancy unusual jewellery, delicate pottery or upcycled furniture – here you will find handmade unicates by South Tyrolian artists and handicrafts all over the place. Those will make a huge impression at home for sure!

  4. The right place for climbers instead certainly is the Ötzi Rope Park in Vernago in the quaint valley of Senales. There is no need of being a professional for mastering the various parcours in middle of larch forests. The highlight: take the giant swing straight over the impressive canyon! Then become a Stone Age hunter or an Amazon just little further out of the valley, at an archery parcour in the forests of Monte Santa Caterina where you can shoot at deer, bats and bears.

  5. Did you know that it was not so long of a time ago that women were said to be too weak for mountain climbing and hiking? Such prejudices, memoires of female alpinists, but also female shepherds, alpine dairy women and the role of women in the mythological cosmos of the mountains – all these things are displayed in the current exhibition “Ich am Gipfel” (Me at the summit)  of the women’s museum of Merano. Absolutely worth seeing!

  6. There are plenty of Burgers all over the world, but only in South Tyrol they are refined with local products and carefully selected ingredients as ham from parma, sun dried tomatos and pesto. Where to find it? At Stars Burgers, just 5 walking minutes from Boutique and Design Hotel Imperial Art. An especially tasteful combination: sweet potato fries with sour cream, together with a refreshing craft beer or some homemade lemonade. A sweet highlight: the delicious creations of Acherer, South Tyrol’s award winning patissier.

  7. “A woman who considers herself worthy, adorns herself”. Every woman likes to adorn herself, that’s for sure when she sees the extravagant jewellery creations by designer Miranda Konstantinidou at her shop Konplott, which by the way is just around the corner of Boutique and Design Hotel Imperial Art. While she chooses a right piece of her desire with the caring and competent help of Margit and Michael, he can enjoy a nice glass of prosecco und pet their cute dog Moritz.

  8. Do you suffer from acrophobia or just are not in the mood for strolling around in the woods, but still want to experience something extraordinary? Try to drive around with a Segway! Maybe a little tour around Merano’s historic centre or a trip next to waterfalls and apple trees – whatever you decide for, you can be sure that after that a cappuccino tastes twice as good.

  9. The young South Tyrol shows its historical side in the castle of Tyrol just next to Merano. There is a newly created exhibition where you can experience the recent history of the area with all its heights and depths coming up all way the present. You’ll also get a matching catalogue featuring a lot of interesting facts and curiosities around the exhibited pieces.

  10. Imagine a pizza where the anchovies don’t just taste like salt, but like the ocean, the mushrooms like the forest and even the mozzarella is more than just a basic taste. That’s the exact kind of pizza you’ll get at the restaurant 357, which by the way is owned by the star awarded cook Andrea Fenoglio of the legendary restaurant Sissi. Make sure to order a dessert too, the home made vanilla ice cream tastes like carefully stirred by hand.

  11. Have you ever had a “Baba Baba” or a “Chococolada 2.0”? Now is the time for trying out the cocktail bar with the most inventive menu card of Merano. Original creations of cocktails, dynamic stuff and trendy music – there is nothing dusty about the cocktail lab “Why not?”, we guarantee, especially not the stylish location.

Now it’s your turn to get to know Merano as a fresh an innovative holiday destination. We’ll make you the best offer for an exclusive holiday in young Merano!

The sky is the limit... South Tyrolean mountain landscape from above
Handmade unicates by Haus Nr. 13
Climbing and flying in the middle of the larch forests at Ötzi Rope Park
Gourmet burgers, delicious homemade sauces and fresh lemonades – a real Stars menu
Extravagant jewellery creations by Miranda Konstaninidou
Trendy and stylish nightlife at "Why not?" in the centre of Merano
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