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No matter if you’re a fan of ducks, if you live for adventures or if you just love to help people in need – on 20th aprile Merano is the place to be for you! For the first time, since 700 years that Merano exists, a super fun and exciting event takes place in the Mediterranean city in the Alps. We are talking about a squeaky duck race for good purpose. The ducks are going on a race from the Ponte della Posta to the Ponte del Teatro. You can even win amazing prices!
The donation goes entirely to the organization “Psairer Tafel”. This charity organization provides food to people in need.
The first race is starting at 11 a.m. for the bigger, sponsor-squeaky-ducks. The sponsor ducks are from south-tyrolean companies, that donated more than 150 €. After the sponsor-duck-race, at 12 a.m. the “lucky-squeaky-duck-race” is starting. You can purchase a “lucky-duck” for 5 Euros at different sale points in Merano.
With a small portion of luck, even more concentration and focus while training your duck and a bit of best hope your duck will be one of the fastest and pass through the finish line among the first hundred ducks, to win fantastic prices – and never forget: It is for a good purpose!
After the races, the donation ceremony finds place in piazza Terme – where you will also get your prices if your duck won.

What a unique adventure! Who could resist a sweet, little squeaky duck? Curious? Any further questions? FAQ:


Where can I get my duck?


Sales points for sponsor ducks:
olleTog, Sparkassenstr. 1, Meran
at all service-organization
Sales points for lucky-ducks:
olleTog, Sparkassenstr. 1, Meran
Shop Therme Meran, Thermenplatz 9, Meran
Wassermann, Freiheitsstr. 162, Meran
Mode Egger, Maria-Hilf-Str. 2, Lana
Raiffeisenkasse St. Martin in Passeier, Jaufenstrasse Nr. 7, St. Martin
JP Rösch, Lauben 203, Meran
at all service-organizations


Who are the service-organizations?


Lions Club Meran/o Host, Lions Club Meran/o Maiense, Rotary Club Meran/o Rotaract, Kiwanis Club Meran and Soroptimist Club Merania.


What is the course of the racetrack?


From Ponte della Posta to the Ponte del Teatro.


What happens if my duck sinks?


All natural and artificial obstacles are unassailable components of the racetrack.


Is there a referee?


A referee, to make sure, every duck is following the rules, will supervise all ducks.
There is no matter HOW the duck is crossing the finish line, upside down or even under water, in every way it is still valid.


When and where do I get my price?


Immediately after the race in piazza Terme or within two weeks at Ladurner Hospitalia in the Max-Valier-Str, Merano. But always remember: helpin people in need still remains priceless.


What happens if there is high water in the Passer-river?


The race will be postponed at April,  7th


How do I say squeaky duck in German and Italian?


In German, it is “Quitscheente” and in Italian, it is “Paperella”


May children and elderly people also participate?


 Yes of course, everyone is welcome! Over 2000 participants are expected.


In which hotel am I welcome as a duck-lover, and which hotel provides bathtubs for my squeaky ducks?


Obviously, our hotel ImperialArt is the perfect place for all of you duck-lovers! Seven of our twelve unique Artrooms are equipped with a huge bathtub for your beloved ducks.


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