Valentines Special

10 steps to the heart of your loved one

Can you feel it? Those upcoming feel weightless, a warmth climbs up from the deepest of your heart. Butterflies in your stomach, weak knees…if I wouldn’t know better I would consider it as “in love”

The cause is explainable in a very simple way. You found someone that lights you up inside, you keep thinking about this person without even thinking about anything else. All your thoughts run around this one and only person: your dearest.

Mutual love and appreciation makes you fly high, there is nothing better in life. To convince your dearest that you are meant for each other, just follow our 10-step program. Let’s start!

Step 1. Invite your sweetheart on a vacation in the famous Boutique and Design Hotel in Merano. For the shy ones we recommend a casual date, where you feel comfortable. Maybe a coffee shop?

Step 2. Your dearest decided to give in and to go on a Valentines-Vacation in Merano with you. Panic! You realize that you did not book a room yet. Nevertheless just calm down and click here to complete your booking at the ImperialArt hotel, in the city center of Merano.

Step 3. Reservation done. Now it is considered a good idea to plan the details. You have no clue about romantic details? No problem, our concierges in the Imperial-Art know exactly how to plan the perfect romantic surprise. A quick call will be enough. We are known everywhere as the Romantic-Vacation-Planning-Queens.

Step 4. Don’t forget to ask the hotel to prepare some romantic decoration at your arrival in your room. The more personal, the better. Maybe some nice pictures of you two, or a romantic Valentines-card with a nice, personal poem should do even better.

Step 5. The way to a man's (and a woman’s as well) heart goes through the stomach. Good for you, you booked a room in the ImperialArt, in the pedestrian area of Merano. All the best restaurants are nearby. We have some secret romantic places, you should defently consider for a romantic Valentines-Candle-Light-Dinner in…

Step 6. The more relaxed your sweetheart is, the more relaxing will be your holiday. Consider doing a SPA treatment in the famous design thermal baths of Merano. As a personal hint, I recommend you to do the treatment called “Imperially relaxed for two”

Step 7. You don’t like a basic ride in a stretch-limo? You want to do something special and unique? Invite your darling to go on a carriage ride through the romantic alleys in the city centre.

Step 8. Now it’s time to pack your suitcase. Don’t forget the essentials, like a big lock, where both of your names initials are written on, to hang on the post bridge in Merano. This tradition should guarantee you endless and lifelong happiness together.

Step 9. Your arrival in the hotel. Don’t let your dearest feel your tension, stay calm. We prepared everything, and your vacation will be amazing an unforgettable.

Step 10. You are now at the end of our 10-step-plan and at the end of your vacation. Everything worked out. Your dearest is more in love with you than ever. Congratulation!

We cannot wait to see you again, here at Merano in the ImperialArt hotel. Maybe on next year’s valentine’s day again? Or as a honeymoon? We love to make our guests happy!
We wish to all of you a happy and lovely Valentine’s Day!

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