Merano Art

A venue for contemporary art

Merano Arte/Kunst Meran is the name of a non-profit organisation that set up the building with the same name for contemporary art in Merano/Meran's old town in 1996. Located just 150 m away from our ImperialArt Boutique & Design Hotel, Merano Arte/Kunst Meran is situated idyllically in a listed building in the Laubengasse and wows with its minimalist, modern interior that contrasts strongly with the old town's traditional facades.

The 500 m² of Merano Arte/Kunst Meran's extensive exhibition space extends over 3 floors, which are the stages for contemporary works of visual arts, architecture, music, literature, photography and the new media. Apart from the exhibition space, Merano Arte/Kunst Meran also has a gallery shop, a cafe and an event hall that provides space for roughly 70 people.

Merano Arte/Kunst Meran would like to familiarise a wide audience with a whole range of diverse contemporary forms of expression and be an international meeting place for artists, which promotes collaboration among them beyond any borders and raises young people's awareness for art. The three artists, who were involved in the design of our art rooms - Elisabeth Hölzl, Ulrich Egger and Marcello Jori - work closely together with Merano Arte/Kunst Meran. A ticket to Merano Arte/Kunst Meran is included in the price for you as a guest at the ImperialArt Boutique & Design Hotel.

Merano Arte/Kunst Meran
Lauben 163
39012 Merano/Meran