The Strohmer family

A love story

The ImperialArt Boutique & Design Hotel in Merano/Meran is owned by the Strohmer family, whose 3rd generation is already running hotels. You can still feel the passion of the Strohmers for the hotel industry today and as a guest you experience this enthusiasm up-close.

Grandfather Josef Strohmer managed his first hotel with his wife Julia Bartha from 1932, which was situated in today's Croatia. In 1950 the family purchased the traditional Hotel Europa Splendid **** in the centre of Merano/Meran and had the Art Nouveau building restored to its former glory. Today the hotel is managed by the grandson Alfred Strohmer, who prompted the redesign of the Imperial guesthouse into an art hotel.

In 1983, the Hotel Westend *** on the Passerpromenade was added, which is managed today by Alfred's brother Alexander. Their sister Gabi has been taking care of the Hotel Garni Aster in Merano-Maia Alta/Meran-Obermais since 2002. Finally in 2009 Alfred Strohmer purchased the former Café Imperial and came up with the new concept together with his wife Jutta: renowned artists should individually design all the rooms.

Barbara Meraner has been managing the ImperialArt Boutique & Design Hotel from April 2011 until August 2017. Currently Stefanie Simmerle  and Katherina March together with Jutta von den Benken will make your stay unforgettable! The attentive concierge service is really appreciated by our guests, who love the sincerity and friendly atmosphere, and that's exactly what the owner Alfred Strohmer had in mind.